The Team

at Mesmear

Welcome to Mesmear

Three generations of our family live at the Farm along with our dogs, hens, pigs and alpacas. We’re passionate about our farm, Cornwall and introducing our guests to our way of life. 

During your stay the Cameron family will be on hand as well as our friendly staff who are always pleased to help.

In charge of all the children and their activities around the farm is Ella (the youngest Cameron). She will lead the way with all the animals and the best places to climb a tree, play hide and seek, spot the owl or deer and see who can go the farthest on the zip wire.


Vicki is the person you’ll have most contact with. She’ll be in touch with you before arrival with all the information you need to ensure your holiday is as fun filled or relaxed as you’d like. Group or individual Pilates sessions can also be booked with Vicki. 


As well as being an important part of the ‘Mesmear’ family Millie is the boss at Wavehunters’ Fitness and also a qualified in Sports Massage. Fitness classes, private training and sports massage can all be booked through Mesmear.


Ella knows where all the fun happens. She’ll be on hand to show you round the farm, help you find the zip wire and to get covered in mud and have fun. Unfortunately for Ella we do force her to go to school. 


Trev’s in charge of all farming and land maintenance. He can usually be found in the tractor driving as slowly as possible along the country lanes and holding up the traffic! 


Tony is our handy man. He’s the unfortunate one who gets the never end job of cutting the grass.


Cath’s our housekeeper and in charge of the running of our cottages. We think everyone needs a Cath! 


Paul 9 fingers, is our general maintenance and can do everything we need including electrics, plumbing and can fix (almost) anything. 


Get hold of us 

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