Our Farm

at Mesmear

Stay on our farm in Cornwall

At Memsear our Cornish farm stay holiday cottages in Polzeath are set on our 15 acre working farm, surrounded by fields that are often filled with flocks of sheep. If you’re lucky, and you come to stay at the right time, you might just get to watch a lamb being born. 

Closer to the cottages we have friendly farm animals, including alpacas, pigs and chickens, that are always a big hit with kids of all ages. We dare you to come to Mesmear and not go away without missing our pigs! We have not known a guest leave without knowing all their names and boasting that they have managed to topple a pig just by tickling it.

On arrival you’ll find a bag of animal food so that you can take a walk and feed our animals. You are welcome to collect more animal food at any time during your stay. 

As far as our feathered friends and concerned we keep a regimented cluster of hens which are ever so friendly. We encourage children to go in and collect eggs for their breakfast. An eggselent addition to every farm holiday! 

Meet our animals


Priscilla is a rare breed Berkshire pig and she’s the boss! A few years ago she surprised us all when she farrowed 6 piglets and her son Gary still lives with us. 


Gary is Priscilla’s son and he’s a Berkshire and best friends with Boris. 


Boris is famous! His photo appeared at Twickenham wearing the England flag during a world cup match. He’s a Kune kune and brother to Frankie. 


Frankie is a Kune kune and Boris’ sister. As a piglet she had her eye taken out by a rook and Priscilla laid on her to protect her from further attacks but sadly broke her back. Her vet bills make her the most expensive pig in Britain! 


You can see why he’s named after Bob Marley. His fleece is only sheared ever other year because he’s a Sirus alpaca.

Kit Kat






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